Awake in the Wild

Awareness, Wisdom & Love

Awake in the Wild inspires global connection with the Earth through mindfulness and meditation, fostering love and care for all species. Through online and in-person nature meditation sessions, courses, and retreats led by Mark Coleman and certified teachers, the organization helps deepen mindfulness practices, fosters community, and promotes compassion toward the Earth and its inhabitants. Drawing from Buddhist, indigenous, and wisdom traditions, Awake in the Wild encourages greater awareness, kindness, and understanding in how we relate to the planet.

Daily Meditation Sit

I help run a daily 45-minute meditation program that’s all about connecting with nature, alongside a group of fellow teachers led by Mark Coleman. Each weekday morning, we take turns guiding these sessions, starting with a short chat about nature-themed meditation topics for about 10-15 minutes, then diving into a 30-minute guided meditation. Our team is made up of teachers who’ve trained under Mark Coleman, a well-known meditation guru and the founder of Awake in the Wild. We blend mindfulness practices inspired by nature to help folks feel more centered and lifted. With Mark Coleman and other experienced teachers leading the charge, our goal is to kickstart each day on a positive note, drawing inspiration from the natural world. You can easily find our lineup of teachers online, making it simple to join in regularly. Morning meditation helps set the tone for a focused and connected day ahead.

Yearlong Community

I spearheaded the creation and management of the Yearlong Community Meditation program, inspired by Mark Coleman’s “A Field Guide to Nature Meditation.” This initiative offers 52 weekly practices, guiding participants to meditate in various natural landscapes and weather conditions, fostering confidence and clarity. Mark Coleman’s book serves as our guiding light, providing monthly email guidance on the week’s meditations. Each week, we focus on one of the 52 practices outlined in the Field Guide, committing to a yearlong journey of nature meditation. The program has garnered praise for its integration of meditation and nature appreciation. Participants delve into the beauty and wisdom of the natural world, guided by Mark’s decades-long experience and profound insights. It’s a transformative journey, highly recommended for anyone seeking deeper connections with both themselves and the world around them.

Mindful of Nature

As an advisor to Mindful of Nature, a non-profit project and offshoot of Awake in the Wild led by founder Mark Coleman, I’m privileged to contribute to our mission of promoting mindfulness in nature to deepen our connection to the Earth. Inspired by Mark Coleman’s integration of mindfulness and nature, we strive to provide global retreats, programs, and training. Our goal is to foster care for the Earth as we begin to extend our reach to first responders, educators, healthcare providers, and underserved communities, enhancing resilience and well-being. Our objectives include promoting mindfulness, increasing nature accessibility, empowering youth, supporting service professionals, engaging leaders, and conducting evidence-based research. Mindful of Nature advocates for inclusivity, embracing individuals from all backgrounds.